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Dents and Dings Happen. Repair them with Ding Shield.

What if you could have unexpected dents, dings, rips and tears quickly and conveniently repaired at the dealership as part of your routine service visit?
A Ding Shield Service Plan allows you to avoid the time and expense of a body shop appointment and maintain the appearance of your vehicle with ease at the dealership. The Ding Shield Service Plan comes built in with the following benefits:

  • High-quality ding and dent repair with unlimited repairs to the hood, trunk, doors,fenders, roof and quarter panels for the length of your service contract.
  • All repairs are performed at the dealership by fully trained technicians using the latest technology.
  • Reimbursement of actual rental vehicle costs for a maximum of one day, not to exceed $50. Provides coverage for up to six years and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
  •  No out of pocket expenses with covered repairs.


Restore the appearance of your vehicle without the extra expense.

The Ding Shield Service Plan is available in two options: Ding Shield Plus and Ding Shield Ultimate.

Ding Shield Plus*

Expert Service with Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.The Ding Shield Plus Service Plan covers all aspects of minor damage with the following quality dent protection:

  •  Dents & Dings: Unlimited repairs of dents,dings and creases that do not exceed the size of a traditional credit card (3.25"x2").
  • Repairs include hail or acorn damage, up to $500 or the amount of your automotive insurance comprehensive deductible.
  • Reimbursement of actual rental vehicle costs for a maximum of one day, not to exceed $50.

Ding Shield Ultimate*

An Exceptional Value for Enhanced Safety.The Ding Shield Ultimate Service Plan includes the same appearance-enhancing features of the Ding Shield Plus Service Plan, plus the following extras:

  • Complete Windshield Chip Repair: Eliminates minor chips and nicks caused by small rocks,stones or other road debris that may hit your windshield.
  • Headlight Brightening: Reconditions foggy or yellowed headlights.
  • Interior Repair Services: Unlimited repairs of minor rips, burns, tears, holes, punctures, and scratches up to 2" in length.


Our service plan helps renew your vehicle to showroom condition.

Ding Shield Alloy Wheel Repair

As a special offer to our customers, the Ding Shield Alloy Wheel Repair is available as an add-on with either the Ding Shield Plus or Ding Shield Ultimate Service Plan. The Ding Shield Alloy Wheel Repair product includes the following services:Alloy Wheel Repair: Repairs aluminum or painted wheels damaged by minor curb scuffs, scratches,scrapes or rash.